Jurassic coast Dorset

Why you should visit Jurassic coast Dorset?

The land of Jurassic coast is a huge landscape with beautiful geography that has a global importance. In the past, it was introduced as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The reason behind this fame was the rocks, landforms and the fossils of this area. It is one of the World’s natural Heritage site found in the England.  

This coast starts at Orcombe Point which is in Exmouth, Devon. From here it stretches for 95 miles to Old Harry Rocks, near Dorset. This is why it is also known as the Dorset Jurassic coast. This landscape is found in four geographic regions including iconic towns, villages and natural landscapes.

Are you planning to visit Jurassic coast Dorset?

Most of us plan our holidays at incredible places where there is both adventure and fun. People with enthusiastic nature love to discover new places and know more about the heritage. So, if you are a person who loves nature then read more and geology then Dorset Jurassic Coast is waiting for you.

But before planning any visit to this hugely wide landscape you must have a look at the map. This will make your trip convenient and you will get to know about the places to visit and not to. You can decide all your visiting points according to your personal interest.

What is special about Jurassic Coast Geology?

The Jurassic coast Dorset is like three geological time Periods called the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. We collectively talk about it then it then these three time periods of Earth history collectively make up the Mesozoic Era. This heritage is continuing from around 250 to 65 million years ago. The rocks found in this coast says all about its history.

Why you should visit Jurassic coast?

Following are some of the main reasons that can convince you visit Dorset Jurassic coast these winters. Let’s discover them one by one through the following guide!

Dorset Coastline

It is a 95-mile stretch of Dorset and East Devon coastline. Its landscape is incredibly beautiful and makes the visitors last with unforgettable memories. It is best for summer beaches and late night BBQs with a bunch of friends and family. It is best suited for winters, you can have a deep down walk, Click here to see more beautiful places.

Museums for visitors

In the nearby towns and villages you can have a view of the amazing museums and visitor centers. These places help to the visitors enjoy the wonderful global heritage of Jurassic beach, England. These museums showcase some of the incredible fossils and the most fascinating exhibitions of the coast. You can also enjoy some unique activities like coasteering, fossil hunting and even musical geology walks. This way your tour can help you discover the geological heritage and informs you about the history.

Best for sound body

The Jurassic beach is best for the natural senses. It helps your mind and body have the peace it has been craving for. It provides us a sense of belonging and captures our sense of imagination. So it’s the best therapy along with your tour experience.

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