Top Gender reveal ideas 2021

Why the hell would you want a gender reveal party? We didn’t do that before, I hear many an oldie shout. No that’s right. But today we do. Sometimes. Nice!

Where does the gender reveal party come from?

That should be clear, actually revealing the gender before your baby is born, that came over from America. Just like the Cake Smash by the way. Such a nice idea too. If you like it then eh. Then why a gender reveal and why not wait until the birth. Well, I can tell you… there are quite a few benefits to knowing the gender of your baby in advance.

The baby’s room

Just as fun as picking out the baby clothes is getting baby room inspiration and actually decorating the baby room. And that can really be better if you know in advance whether you are going to have a boy or a girl. Not that you can’t make a beautiful baby room otherwise, but such a gender reveal makes the choice a bit easier. With small details you can just put away the atmosphere of a boy or a girl just a little bit more. I would also have done that nursery differently if I had known the gender of my baby.

How do you organize a fun gender reveal ideas? Reveal tips!

Are you still looking for the best ways to put together your own gender reveal party? Or do you only want to announce the gender reveal to parents and in-laws in a fun way? We have listed some cool gender reveal ideas for you.

Show your belly

A very nice way to reveal the gender is in the way above. All you need is a white shirt and blue or pink paint. No one who initially sees whether you are having a boy or a girl. Extra beautiful <3 I think the hands together form a heart.

The gender reveal cake

You can reveal the gender reveal with a fatastic cake. That may seem a bit obvious, but if you go for a mousse cake made of handmade curds, it’s just that little bit different.

A balloon

Fill one large balloon with confetti in the color blue or pink, as done above. Take a black balloon so that the filling is not yet visible and pierce the balloon. Also nice: give each guest at your reveal party their own balloon that everyone has to pop at the same time. Get more new ideas about click here

Make a gender reveal scratch card

Such a nice idea too. Make your own scratch cards to hand out at your gender reveal party. Of course everyone gets such a scratch card and they all have to scratch it at the same time!

For example, the paint you use can be silver acrylic paint, mixed with a little bit of dish soap. You may need two coats to get it opaque.

You can give the scratch card during your party, but you can also just send it to the people you want to let know if you are having a boy or a girl.

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