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The top 7 Spanish dishes

The 7 best Spanish dishes that in Spain we like to eat is a fact. That we have many quality ingredients and we know how to appreciate the good, too. But what are the best food in Spain?

With such a variety, it is not an easy thing to decide which are the best Spanish food? Foodies have it clear that there is variety in the taste of these recipes of a lifetime.

1. Ham

Leading the vote with the best dishes in Spain, he is. The king, the ham, of course! Our emblematic, juicy and rich ham crown this ranking with the best foods in Spain. Because it does not matter if it comes as a tapa, in cubes, in a sandwich or with melon, we all know that Spanish ham is the best!

2. Potato omelette

In the number two position of this classification with the best dishes in Spain is the undisputed queen of Spanish dinners, the potato omelette. Because those outsides of Spain know that nothing is more Spanish and is richer -if it is well done- than a potato omelette. Potato omelette with onion or without onion, we leave that to everyone’s taste. What is indisputable is that the potato omelette is one of the star dishes of the gastronomy of Spain.

3. Galician octopus

Now, inaugurating this podium with the best Spanish dishes, there is the Galician octopus. With its windy tentacles and paprika, the Galician octopus could not be absent from this selection. See that this delicacy tastes even better if one takes it on a terrace in the sun. Take advantage!

4. Paella

In the absence of a handful of votes to get on the podium of the best dishes in Spain, the paella has remained. A rich dish, a good dish, a dish that few dominate with mastery outside and within Spain. To eat a good paella you have to know where to eat it. Now, if it is found, alas, if it is found! What a good thing. It will be an unforgettable experience.

5. Salmorejo

The first cousin of gazpacho, but with more seasoning, salmorejo is in fashion and, at the moment, few or none would dare to leave it out of a compilation of the best dishes in Spain. Well, rich and cheap, there is no exquisite that can resist a good salmorejo recipe.

6. Fabada

The chickpeas and lentils already included in this compilation of the best Spanish dishes are now joined by Asturian fabas or fabes. Another gastronomic must when you visit this green area of northern Spain and that, seasoned with endless products derived from pork, especially in winter enters the sea of good.

7. Churros with chocolate

Among the best Spanish dishes, sweets could not be missed. If there is a sweet that triumphs and can be found throughout the national territory that is chocolate with churros or churros with chocolate. The order of the factors does not alter the product, as long as it is of quality and served in generous quantities. Versatile dessert where they exist, the same applies to ending a night out as to spend a Sunday afternoon with the family. The important thing is to get wet!

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