Laser Hair Removal for Smooth Skin

Many men and women are bothered by (excessive) hair growth on the body or face. Regular shaving, epilation or waxing can cause skin irritations, ingrown hairs and stubble. Moreover, it takes a lot of time and the hairs always come back. Laser hair removal is the solution to get rid of this.

Laser hair removal for smooth skin

Even though laser hair removal is called ‘permanent hair removal’, unfortunately there is no guarantee that no hairs will come back at all. We assume an 80% to 90% reduction in hair growth. This is still more than can be achieved with other hair removal equipment. What remains are usually very thin hairs that are not seen by the laser. Fortunately, these hairs are so soft and thin that they are usually not experienced as disturbing.

The benefits of laser hair removal:

  • Hair growth is significantly reduced
  • Only the hairs are treated, the surrounding skin remains intact
  • You no longer suffer from skin irritations after shaving or waxing
  • The structure of the skin becomes smoother
  • You hardly have to shave or wax anymore
  • Significantly fewer Brazilian laser hair removal treatments required than IPL device

The many benefits of laser hair removal

The laser emits a light beam of a specific wavelength. The wavelength reacts to the pigment in the hairs. The light from the laser is converted into heat by the pigment, destroying the hair follicle. To make the Brazilian laser hair removal treatment as pleasant as possible, we cool the skin with cold air. The hairs whose follicles have not yet been destroyed grow back and are re-exposed during a subsequent Brazilian laser removal treatment.

Hair grows in several stages. For this reason, we carry out the laser removal treatment at intervals of approximately 6 weeks. By repeating the treatment over and over, we achieve the most optimal result. On average, 6 to 8 laser treatments are needed to remove the hair for several years.

After treatment

You may feel warmth in the skin for some time after the Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. You can cool the skin if you like. Between treatments and after your last hair removal treatment, you should temporarily be careful with the sun and/or tanning bed. Because the laser reacts to pigment, it is good to have as little pigment in the skin as possible. You can also shave the hair in the meantime, but the roots must remain (so no epilation or waxing).

Am I suitable?

Laser hair removal is suitable for both genders. Even if you suffer from excessive hair growth, laser hair removal offers a solution. Unfortunately, the laser does not “see” white, gray and blond hair, so we cannot treat them effectively. During pregnancy, when breastfeeding and if you are very tanned, we recommend to wait with the laser removal treatment. Click here for more tips and tricks.

Before treatment can take place, it is important that you come by for a no-obligation intake interview. In this conversation, experts can assess whether you are eligible for laser hair removal. You will hear how many hair removal treatments you need, what the costs will be and the skin therapist will explain exactly what to expect. Are you suitable? Then we can start right away.

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