How to knit fingerless gloves?

A super easy fingerless gloves knitting pattern for wrist warmers. If you are a beginner knitter, this is a very nice pattern to start with. You just need to be able to knit and purl. This pattern is made for wool that you knit fingerless glove with size 3.5 needles. It is not a problem if you use wool that is a bit thicker or thinner, the pattern is stretchable so it is not very tight.

To set up

Cast on 48 stitches

When you knit fingerless gloves with thinner or thicker wool you can cast on 4 stitches more or 4 stitches less.


Start with the simple wrist warmers, continue with fingerless gloves and discover the magical story of step by step. Choose from one of the beautiful designs and you’ll never have cold hands again!

Knitting 2 or 3 pins ribbing

Start by knitting 2 or 3 pins (needles) using only knit stitches. You will then get a nice ribbed edge on your wrist warmers.

Knit two, purl two

Then knit all pins, knit 2, purl 2 stitches.

So you start by knitting 2 knit stitches, then 2 purl stitches and you repeat this until the end of your pen (needle). You will then end with 2 purl stitches.

If you don’t end up with 2 purl stitches, something isn’t right. You either didn’t do the stitches right, or you didn’t cast on a stitch count divisible by 4.

So you start the next pin (row) again with 2 knit stitches, then purl 2 and so on until you end up with 2 purl stitches again. All subsequent rows are knitted in the same way.


You can make these wrist warmers as long as you want. If you’re really cold, you’ll probably want to make them nice and long. But if you wear them more as a fashion statement, you could make them just over your wrists. If you have no idea how long you want them, start with a pair of 25 cm long. That’s an average that suits most people.

Knitting 2 or 3 pins in ridges

Knit the last 2 or 3 pins (needles) in straight stitches again. This way you get a ribbed edge, just like at the beginning of your wrist warmers.

Cast off loosely. If you do this too tight, the edge of your knitting will be tighter than the rest and not as elastic. After each stitch worked, pass the penultimate stitch over the last stitch worked. Check also Yarn Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Finish off

You are now going to sew the long side seams of the wrist warmers together. But be careful not to sew the entire seam closed. About 4 cm from the top leave a hole of about 4 cm. This is the hole your thumb will go through.

It is best to sew the seam closed with the wool you used to knit the wrist warmer, then you will see the least of it. And then you have a knitted fingerless glove ready. Now knit the second fingerless glove in exactly the same way.

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