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Best places for food in Portugal

We like world food and fusion, but there’s nothing like a good stew. These are the best traditional cuisine restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal.

Travel to Portugal from Minho to Algarve, from the interior to the coast. There is no need to leave Lisbon to experience the best flavors of Portuguese cuisine. Açordas, codfish, patties and pataniscas. What is not lacking in these traditional cuisine restaurants in Lisbon are specialties from all over the Portugal. Truth be told, it’s the best comfort to travel in Portugal for everyone. Exchange the world’s fusions and food for one of these dishes with a taste of Portugal. Moreover, there’s no need to speak Portugal language as you can speak English.

San Sebastian

It’s hard to choose the reason why Adega da Tia Matilde is best known. Whether for its traditional food or for having been one of Eusébio’s favorite haunts for years. But if you’re not familiar with it yet (how not?) you can go there to see the fair tribute to the Black Panther, as well as to taste the pataniscas, the stews, the grouper fillets, the rabbit hunting, the codfish like Isabel, the feijoada à transmontana, the milk-cream, everything that is Portugal language and good, in very generous doses.

Carnide/Military College

Several Insta Stories can be made at Adega das Gravatas. First, point the machine at the bizarre collection of ties that customers leave at the restaurant; then to immortalize the steak sitting on the stone, that slight noise of cooking and arousing envy in the followers; then to photograph the company, that this is a good restaurant to go with a group and/or family; and at the end to record those old-fashioned desserts, like the molotof, a flan pudding or an abbot priscos pudding. Likes? Hey, go shoot.


“Be careful with Adega do Saraiva, the restaurant where everything is so good that you need more belly than eyes”, wrote Miguel Esteves Cardoso in one of his Público chronicles. A great truth when it comes to this traditional house in Nafarros, a place for weekend pilgrimages, famous for its oven-roasted kid, a recipe with decades of life, which can also be ordered outside. On Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays it has an excellent stew and also serves a well-known codfish to Tia Emília.

Greater Lisbon

It is one of the most peculiar restaurants in Greater Lisbon, but it deserves your attention. The cook comes from Minho and serves the doses in the Northern way. The menu has a series of traditional dishes, grilled meats and fish and good cooking from the pot. Then there is a section dedicated to wild hunting, which could be a list of species in a zoo, with rabbit, partridge, pheasant, woodcock, turtledove, kudu, zebra, camel, deer, kangaroo, it never ends; it has great convent desserts; and the wine cellar is luxury.

You can experience all the food and places by travelling in Portugal so what you’re waiting for? Share your first experience with food and restaurants.

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