Where is Belize located?

Belize is a small country located on the east coast of Central America, south of Mexico and next to Guatemala, and an extraordinary destination to discover. There you will find everything from natural beauties to pre-Hispanic ruins, extraordinary marine life, succulent gastronomy and attractive cultures. Here are the things to know before traveling to Belize.

The first thing to know before traveling to Belize is the spoken language. Belize was for many years an English colony, so English is the official language. However if we talk about the Belize language then people speaks Creole (Caribbean English) and a little Spanish. Another thing to know before traveling to Belize is the currency to bring. In Belize, the Belizean dollar is used, which is equivalent to half a US dollar (about $ 9.6 Mexican pesos). However, the US dollar is also accepted almost everywhere. Note that it can be difficult to change bills over $ 20, so try to bring change.

ATMs are available in the major tourist destinations.

Entry requirements

Something fundamental and very convenient to know about Belize is that Mexicans do not need a visa to visit it, only a passport. Consider that it must be valid for at least three months.

What you do need to have is a ticket to leave the country and enough funds to support yourself during your stay.

* If you travel by plane, Belize requires a departure tax payment of around $ 56 US dollars, usually included in your ticket. Ask before traveling.

If you leave by land or by ferry, the payment is less.

Climate and best season to travel

Throughout the year, the average temperature in Belize is 29º C. From November to March the lowest is 16º C, while from May to September it is around 30º. The rainy season runs from June to December, especially in June and July. One thing to know about Belize is that it is occasionally affected by hurricanes.

The best season to travel is during the summer, which is the low season.

How to move

There are many options for transportation within Belize. There are from domestic flights and helicopters to buses of different categories, shuttles, ferries, water taxis and rental cars. Many tours and tours are also offered that include transportation between destinations and attractions.


One of the fundamental things to know about Belize is that it offers a wide range of activities for all tastes. Aquatic activities, such as diving and snorkeling, are especially noteworthy; bird and wildlife watching, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and cave exploration. There are also multiple archaeological sites, family attractions, museums and cultural spaces, festivals, and historical sites.


The culinary offer of Belize is quite wide, having influences from various cultures. You will find from dishes of Mayan origin, very similar to those of the cuisine of southern Mexico, to preparations with African influences. The classic Belize food are rice & beans (rice and beans with coconut milk), tamales, meat pies and preparations with seafood (mainly lobster and snail). Enter here to know the must-sees of Belizean cuisine.


Another thing to know about Belize is that it offers a wide variety of lodging options. There are some chain hotels, like Best Western, but mostly there are family hotels, inns and luxury resorts. The average per night for a mid-range hotel is US $ 50 per night.

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